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horse forest portrait Poland
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Being around horses all my life, learning from some of the top trainers, working with horses of all levels and disciplines, I made my life horse-oriented. Today the greatest privilege for me is the ability to understand horses and people, their needs, moods, and character. When creating, I’m trying to involve this knowledge in the photographs and videos, capturing the essence of the bond between you and your horse. Years of work, life experience, and a lot of practice made me also feel very confident in saving the beauty and uniqueness of the moment important to you. Having a wide background in marketing industry I’m also offering complex digital and design services to equestrian businesses of people like me – in love with their horses, dedicating their lives and work to those stunning creatures.



Have a look behind the scenes of EquinePhotoDesign. Learn how the passion for horses and desire to make a difference in equestrian world led to create a whole new and unique service available to all equestrians: connection of equine photography, videos, art and equestrian marketing.