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Welcome, dear reader! I have for you a faithful history of my life with horses. I could, perhaps, have astonished thee with strange improbable tales... but instead, I have chosen to say how it really was and what's my investment in the equine world.

The sensitivity of horses combined with their strength and dynamic movement forms the core of their natural beauty. I am a destination equine photographer

who captures it in every shot, regardless of whether I'm photographing the best international horses or your child's Shetland pony.


Horses occupy a special place in my heart because they were always part of it. Before I learned to walk and talk I knew that there were such animals as horses and that I was inextricably linked to them.

At first, I was drawing them trying to capture the pictures hidden deep in my memories, consistently asking my mum to buy me a horse, what was weird as I was a child born in a city and never seen horses around! It was in 90'; we didn't have equestrian books or magazines in our home but I couldn't stop thinking about horses. Soon after I went to school I read all the books about horses, which I could find in the library and started painting them. At some point, my mum took me to the stables…

I started spending time with horses, at first sitting between them on the fields, surrounded by mares and foals, then learning how to ride them… bareback! The most beautiful memories come from that time when I started to understand horses more and more and discovered that I can, in fact, communicate with them. It all came to me naturally.


During my life I went through a bumpy way of being a full-time groom and a freelance horse rider, and then also a horse trainer, all this time learning from different trainers and working with horses of many levels and sports disciplines; my passion became my job and I felt like the happiest person in the world.

However, soon I realized that I'm more interested in training horses using the natural methods of communication instead of stiff patterns and too many tools. I promised myself to learn more every day, working consistently on becoming a better equine trainer.
I focused on my horse and occasionally on "project horses", which was coming to me with issues their owners couldn't deal with.

All that time my camera was always with me; developing my second passion, photography, I was creating the pictures from my imagination, capturing the magnetic bond between people and horses, capturing the fleeting moments. As an equine photographer, I started taking part in the clinics of world-famous equine trainers, following them around Europe and absorbing their knowledge. The camera became a massively important tool for me - I could capture the horses which movement, body, and mind were changing during the clinics and learn from it.


In the same time, I was also developing my knowledge and experience of the marketing, which (I'm not kidding!) totally consumed rest of my free time, became my second job and another passion. But being ambitious and dedicated I decided to add Equine Photography Workshops to my bunch of activities! My first workshops been in Poland in 2016 and soon after friends started asking me to take photographs of their equestrian businesses,to create the logos for them, to build web pages. I realised that I need a name for my brand. And then EquinePhotoDesign was born.

Today, together with my husband, I'm delivering unique and high level services available for all equestrians. Our photography and videos capturing not only the spirit of the animal and the connection with you but also the essence of your equestrian business. We're offering complex Equestrian Marketing: from small projects like creating logos, business cards or web pages to the full support of your business, branding and further development.

If you want to learn more about our offer, check the link below.

Sara McKay-Mead

I met Anita during Manolo Mendez clinic in the U.K. Anita captured some stunning images of my P.R.E Cazique, one of them is my profile photo. Anita has captured his fun, cheeky personality. The service she provided was very professional and the prints now hang in pride of place on my wall. Thank you, Anita, and hope to meet you again someday.

woman with horse spring portrait love equine photo

Bettina Biolik, trainer of Academic Art of Riding

I have worked with Anita already twice and it was a great experience each time! Anita is very enthusiastic and made me feel comfortable during the shoot. And I'm very pleased with the photos! Looking forward to next time :)
Greetings from Warsaw, Poland